Our Shutters


Custom Shutters at Affordable Prices

Our shutters are constructed from solid kiln-dried basswood, which nearly eliminates warping and cracking. Each window shutter is custom built and professionally installed. The craftsmanship that goes into our shutters, along with the materials used, allows us to guarantee your shutters as long as you own your home.

When it comes to window coverings, solid wood shutters are incomparable. Whether painted, stained, or unfinished, custom wood shutters help control light, sound, and heat and add unsurpassed style and value to your home.

We offer our custom shutters in a variety of styles, finishes, and colors to fit your style.

We deliver top quality shutters at affordable prices. Along with a great product, you will receive a great service and years of enjoyment.


Shutter Design Options

Full Arch
Louvers are set in a horizontal position and run from the top to bottom of opening. A full arch allows more control of light flow as opposed to the fan top. Please note there are always some louvers at the top that will remain fixed/closed.

Segmented Arch
Same application as full arch but is built to follow your window curvature. Fixed louvers at the top also apply to this type of opening.

Segment Fan Top
Same application as a true radius fan top, but fan is built to follow your window curvature. Please note that louvers placed in a segment or non-radius fans are not fully operable. These louvers will be moveable, but due to the angle they will not open fully.

Same application as "full arch" but is built to follow your window curvature or angle. Fixed louvers at top of panel apply to this type of opening.